Smoke Detector Services

smoke detector

Smoke detectors may be small and insignificant in your home, but when a fire breaks out, they’re the first line of defense in saving your life. It’s critical to make sure your smoke detectors are inspected and serviced annually, so they remain in top working order at all times.

Maintaining your smoke detectors means more than just replacing the battery or pushing the “test” button. Truly maintaining these life-saving devices involves understanding when it’s time to retrofit them or upgrade them to better serve the needs of your home.

Welles Electric, LLC is here to assist you with smoke detector maintenance in any capacity, and we specialize in smoke detector upgrades in East Falmouth, MA. We can help pinpoint inefficiencies with your existing smoke detectors and, if necessary, help you replace them with upgrades that are better suited for your home.

Smart and networked smoke detectors

Most often, we facilitate smoke detector replacement in East Falmouth, MA to install smart thermostats in homes. Not only can these devices be monitored and controlled with your smartphone, they’re also much more accurate in their detection and effective in their alerting. Some of the benefits that come with smart smoke detectors include:

  • Mobile notifications when you’re away from home, alerting you to potential smoke and fire situations no matter where you are.
  • Voice commands that allow you to interact with the detector based on the situation.
  • Self-testing features that ensure your detector is running in tip-top shape every day of the year.

For homes that don’t need or want smart smoke detectors, there’s also the convenience of networked, hardwired detectors. This system enables all of the smoke detectors in your home to be connected, so that when one is triggered, all are alerted. This is optimal for larger homes or multiple-stories, where fire in one part of the home might not trigger detectors in the other unless they’re all connected.

Service your smoke detectors

You may think replacing the batteries or testing the chirp of your smoke detector is enough each year, but the truth is, it’s important to have an electrician verify these life-saving devices are in their best working order. And, if the time has come to upgrade or replace a detector, it’s critical you let Welles Electric, LLC handle the job. Give us a call today at 508-274-7770 to get started.